Who We Are

Who We Are

A Family of Believers

We are a group of Christians who have come together to worship as a family: united, not by blood - but by faith in Jesus Christ and mutual fellowship with Him (Heb. 2:11).

A Local Body

We serve, work and worship in this community, without corporate affiliation to any other church or institution.

More than a Building

As a church, we're simply a group of Christians with a shared hope and faith in God. We assemble together to help, teach, edify and encourage one another in our individual service and worship of our Creator.

United in Christ

We belong to Christ. We believe He is God. We believe He was also a man who lived in this world without sin. We believe He lived to show us how we can live. We believe He died to pay for our transgressions and to give us hope. We humbly devote our lives to Him.

Christ is the Head. We are His body.