Psalm 23: My Trust is in the Lord (Pt. 2)

A famous writer was asked to come back and deliver a speech at his old high school. The writer felt honored and agreed to come and deliver a speech. When it came time to speak, the famous writer gave quite a performance as he delivered a speech that had both faculty and students marveling at his message. Finally, for his grand conclusion, he recited the 23rd Psalm. He said, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…" After he was finished,  he received a standing ovation with applause that was heard throughout the school. As the audience began to sit back down and the flashes from the cameras were ceasing, the writer looked out and noticed one of his older teachers from long ago, a man who had actually taught him the 23rd Psalm and inspired him to become a writer. Delighted to see him, the writer asked the old teacher to come up and recite the 23rd Psalm as he had done. The old teacher was reluctant but agreed. He slowly walked onto the stage as the writer sat down in a chair amongst the audience. The old teacher began to speak and said, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall never want. He makes me lie down in the greenest of pastures, and He leads me beside such still and quiet waters. He restores my weary soul…" One by one, the audience began to get up from their chairs and leave the school. By the time the old teacher was finished with the Psalm, only two were left, the famous writer and a perplexed student. The old teacher slowly got down from the stage and left the school. The perplexed student went over and sat down next to the writer, who was still sitting in his seat. The student asked, "Why is it that when you recited the 23rd Psalm, everyone gave you a standing ovation, yet when the old teacher recited the same psalm, they all left?" The famous writer sighed, then looked up at the student and said with a very timid voice, "You see son, while I know the Psalm, the old teacher knows the shepherd. I don't know the shepherd."

There are some passages of scripture that are very familiar to us. We have heard them for years and may be able to quote them with ease. Psalm 23 is one that is very familiar. Scripture is often seen on posters and t-shirts in public. Now passages are often branded into the skin of individuals that desire a fancy tattoo or possibly just desire self-confidence knowing the Bible is involved in their lives somehow. My desires are not one in the same. Shall I brand the Word of God on my skin? I, rather, consider scripture most useful ingrained in my heart. For there it will speak louder than any t-shirt, poster, or even a tattoo.